Steam Controller

The precision of a mouse, the comfort of a controller

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I love the marketing video for this. '...realtime haptic feedback delivered by twin-force reactors.' That in itself makes me want one. And I don't even have a console or tv :-)
@prattarazzi I'm so excited for VR. Who do you think will win the VR space between HTC and FB?
@mrwongsteven @prattarazzi Hey Steven. I'm not an expert in this area, but it looks like it's still an early and crowded market. I don't think there's a clear winner. I think the real winner will be the company that can map out a route-to-market path that builds from the hard-core gamers out into a wider audience. Getting the initial gamers on-side seems to be favouring HTC with their Steam tie-in as far as I can see. But who will win? Flip a coin :-)
This seems like the kind of controller you need to try firsthand to really get a feel for. Has anyone used the earlier touchpad versions?
We have been playing with one for a while and it works well. There will be a certain amount of get used to it time but after that you will be glad that you did.
@montster27 Yeah, I'm pretty excited to try one out. Love the back buttons. Wish all controllers had those!
hmmm looks to be a good option i wonder how the response rate is
I've used it and was not impressed - felt cheap and unresponsive. The trigger buttons had no nuance that you expect with a PS or xbox controller. IGN review of it: