Text friends without Google or Facebook snooping

Stealthy messages are encrypted before leaving your phone for true end-to-end encryption. It is decentralized, meaning your data is not stored on any servers and your messages go directly to your friends--no middleman. Stealthy even features public channels for chatting with new people and the worlds first decentralized Ask Me Anything!

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Greetings Product Hunters! We’d like to show you Stealthy IM, now on your mobile phone. It is a free 💸, end-to-end encrypted🔒 decentralized messaging💬 dApp, where your identity is stored in the Bitcoin Blockchain ⛓. It features public channels for a variety of topics and includes the world’s first decentralized Ask-Me-Anything feature. If you are more technically minded 🛰👩‍💻, here are some details you might be interested to know about Stealthy IM: How decentralized is Stealthy? 1. User identities are stored in the Bitcoin blockchain 2. User storage is decentralized away from Stealthy in the user’s own cloud storage 3. Stealthy doesn’t require a centralized signaling server for p2p communication (both parties must add each other as contacts, coordinating this outside of Stealthy) 4. Conveniently, Stealthy includes a signaling server that can be disabled. 5. Push notifications currently use centralized technologies. 6. Our public discussion channels currently use centralized notifications for scaling reasons. 7. We build on Blockstack to get decentralized identity and storage (, 8. We have plans to continue decentralizing Stealthy features as time permits and solutions become available, for instance migrating to GUN decentralized database for some features ( Protocol? 1. We plan to publish more details early next year. 2. Data is stored off-chain for performance approaching centralized messengers. 3. Offline p2p communication is relatively simple and involves polling a contact’s cloud storage for messages. 4. Polling scales based on users presently and will see more intelligence in a future release. 5. Realtime p2p uses our offline p2p to establish a WebRTC connection (coming later this year to mobile). 6. All p2p messages are encrypted client side before transmission. 7. Our public channels use a hybrid version of our p2p protocol 8. Messages from users use the p2p protocol with a centralized notification for scaling. 9. Messages from the channel are written sequentially, unencrypted (it’s a public channel) Encryption? 1. Encryption keys are held by the user 2. Stealthy uses Blockstack compatible ECIES for all p2p messaging (SECP256K1 curve, SHA512 MAC, AES 256 CBC cipher, SHA256 HMAC) 3. Medium article and source code: 4. More information here: Surveilling metadata? 1. Stealthy was not designed to conceal metadata from state-level actors, especially those with a capability of surveilling each node of a network concurrently. There are other protocols with that intent. 2. However, we are looking to improve our protocol in this regard in the medium term. Why collect an email? 1. Stealthy uses Blockstack’s identity solution which collects email in the event that you need to recover your 12-word Blockstack pass phrase. 2. Stealthy does not collect your email. We hope the Product Hunt community finds our messenger useful. Please direct any questions, requests, or concerns to Thanks, Prabhaav & Alex

I've been using Stealthy since it first launched as a desktop app. Now that it's a native mobile app, the experience has gotten significantly better. The channels feature is great because you start using the app without ever feeling like you're alone. Then, once you're comfortable, you can start having private conversations like you would with any messaging app. BUT those conversations are encrypted. And they're decrypt-able only by you.


Multiplatform, simple UI, easy discovery features, push notification, security


Would like to see image support