Transform your workspace with this 12 in 1 desk organizer.

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The base reminds me of an iPad magnetic cover, and it looks awesome to be able to add wireless charger and headphone mounts in the orientation that best fits your desk setup. I'm also constantly unplugging wires and chargers from my laptop when I need to move around, and having those stay put conncted to Stealtho seems like a big upgrade.
If this were a regular product I would be buying it right now. I have been burned by Kickstarter one too many times though. I'll follow this and if it ever gets a proper release I will definitely pick one up.
@julianbaker Me too. But if it helps, I backed Stealtho's last kickstarter and they shipped as promised. Also, the wheels are rad.
@kristofertm Interesting...I tend to dislike Kickstarter as a means of raising funds, especially for companies that have already released a product. But if Stealtho has a good track record of actually shipping that makes this a lot more tempting. Also yes, those wheels look sick.