A Steadier Hand for those with a tremor

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Hand tremors from Parkinson's can make using a mouse nearly impossible. SteadyMouse set out to solve this problem. By removing tremor motion from intended motion, and blocking accidental clicks, the mouse experience goes from a chaotic struggle to a peaceful reality.

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Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts@ryan_roberts1 · Web Developer
Not something I need but that's a great idea!
Manish Malik
Manish Malik@dotmanish · Technology Products. Mostly.
Interesting. I know of a couple of people who can use it - will recommend them to check it out. Is this equally effective for a laptop keypad? (I don't know if the hand tremors impact movement on a keypad in the same proportion as they do with a mouse held in hand).
SteadyMouse, LLC.
SteadyMouse, LLC.Maker@steadymouse · Anti-tremor filtering for the mouse!
@dotmanish Glad to hear! Yes, it works with both the trackpad and the mouse and is effective for both. Every tremor is different so I always recommend experimenting to find the best fit for the individual. P.S. On a side note there's a lot more discussion from earlier today over at HN for anyone interested: