Memberships for independent media

Steady makes it easy for independent publishers to offer memberships on their own websites.
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Hi everybody, I'm a co-founder at Steady and very excited to introduce you to our membership platform for independent media. We're writers and journalists ourselves and have started several member-funded publications before. When we didn't find the right tools, we built them ourselves. And now hundreds of publishers run on Steady. I'm more than happy to answer all the questions and tell you more about Steady. As a quick intro, Steady is for you if you are a blogger, podcaster, journalist, run a magazine or a local newspaper. If you publish anything on the internet and want to add a new revenue stream by connecting with your readers or listeners, Steady might be what you’re looking for. Also, if you know independent publishers that are in dire straits due to Corona, please let them know about us, they probably need something just like this right now. Steady lives on your website or podcast. It'll take just a few minutes to set up your membership program. Options include a paywall, checkout overlay, embedded plans and much more. We only make money when you make money (10% commission). Apart from $ and €, there are more languages and currencies available, reach out if you need others. Please let me know what you think!
Can only recommend Steady! Great team, awesome spirit, very well done tool! Membership driven communities are the future. And solid monetization is the foundation needed. Keep up the good work! 💪🏼
@heikoscherer Thank you! ☺️
Thank you, @heikoscherer! Membership is great for when times are difficult economically. A lot of publications are being saved by their communities right now. That's what Steady is made for.
this is very cool!
thanks for the support, @nico
In the last few weeks, with this global pandemic going on, I've realised how important something like Steady can be for media makers and cultural professionals. So much of our cultural landscape currently depends on things like events, shows and gigs. This is a big issue, because it means uncertainty for people in creative fields – not just in a crisis, but especially then. Building a community of members can provide the security people need to plan ahead. When times get tough, it's so comforting to know you have a group of people who have your back, not just likes on Facebook. That's why I'm proud of what we're building at Steady. ✊
This looks great. I used to run a few blogs back in the day and this would have been super useful at the time. Congrats on the launch!