Standard Library of the Internet — Build/Share Microservices

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Roman@romanzadyrako · CEO at Signalayer /
@keithwhor Love the idea behind stdlib. could you share the backstory and the vision behind the Standard Library of the Internet.
Keith HorwoodMakerPro@keithwhor · Founder and CEO at StdLib
@romanzadyrako Sure Roman. Basically - scalable microservices built on containers are still pretty new, but they're highly modular and reusable. I recognized the opportunity to create a library / network of public and private functions developers can build, share, and use anywhere. This is the result - we still have a lot to build, but happy with progress.
Roman@romanzadyrako · CEO at Signalayer /
@keithwhor I'm intrigued with the possibilities of the concept. Do you see this as a new platform for simplifying back end development?
Keith HorwoodMakerPro@keithwhor · Founder and CEO at StdLib
@romanzadyrako Yep - anything from utility functions to fully standing up applications built on stdlib functions. :)
Roman@romanzadyrako · CEO at Signalayer /
I just read about stlib on Techcrunch, this only reiterates the value you bring to the developer world. Nice job!
Fantastic work, guys. My initial thought was that this could be like a Plunker for node.js, but after spending 30 mins on it I can see that it can be much. much more. Totally brilliant.
Keith HorwoodMakerPro@keithwhor · Founder and CEO at StdLib
@harik_klar Thank you so much! Really appreciate the kind words.
Andrey Gabisov@agabisov · Oco, co-founder
Is it a non-profit thing? How can one join your team to help with this project?
Keith HorwoodMakerPro@keithwhor · Founder and CEO at StdLib
@agabisov Nope - this is venture-backed. Infrastructure is not free and there's a talented team working together to make sure stdlib is as awesome and powerful as it can be. Developers are free to contribute functions on their own, super easy to set up, but if they want to join the internal team they'll have to apply by e-mail.
Carlos Lei Santos@carlosleisantos · Founder @
Really like this, it's a simple but extremely powerful idea. Is it possible to create private libraries for internal use?
Keith HorwoodMakerPro@keithwhor · Founder and CEO at StdLib
@carlosleisantos Yep. We're still on the first version of the beta so we're working out permissions for private functions, but they will be fully supported.