Answer a couple of questions and get a movie to watch

#5 Product of the WeekDecember 28, 2018

StayIn is a free app that will recommend a perfect movie for your mood :)

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Including a trailer and links to imdb would be nice!
@yan_sidyakin Definitelly adding trailers very soon! :) Tnx for the review!
We are a team of dedicated web developers and genuine movie buffs! Actually, my wife got an idea for this app - she used to spend countless hours picking a movie to watch! Idea was to create fun, easy and fast app that will pick a perfect movie in less than 10 seconds. What do you think - have we succeeded? :)
Limited selection, but a good start. Once a selection is determined, how about having a link to the content on Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, etc.?
@hasan_diwan Sure! :) that is one of the objectives! Thank you so much for the feedback! 😃
@ivandrei Perhaps I could add it?
@hasan_diwan Sure! :) We would love to hear your ideas!
@ivandrei netflix lets you do deep-linking to content -- -- as does youtube -- -- I can't find the link for amazon, but am sure given a half hour, it won't be difficult to figure out.
@hasan_diwan Gotcha! :) Our idea here was a bit different. We would like to provide info to the user if the movie is available on Netflix, HBO, Hulu or services like that. For that we would need other kind of integration than the one you proposed.
Sometimes it happens to me aswell, i spend hours to pick a movie to watch and in the end the movie lasts less than the time I have spent to pick it. Thats why I am always open to give a try to this kind of apps. Tried StayIn and it actually picks unpopular but good movie. So thats great. One things though, it seems like you don’t have a lot of questions(tried it twice and got asked almost the same questions both times), so that gives the impression your database has only a tiny amount of movies to pick from. Which ofcourse is kind of a deal breaker. Anyways StayIn says I should watch: Who Framed Roger Rabbit, so I will. But I would have liked to be able to watch a trailer right from your website or atleast have a link to the trailer.. I guess I will have to look for it myself :)
@samilkarahisar Thank you for the detailed feedback! 😃 Really glad that you took the time to review it! We are building up the database everyday and the trailers are on our road map - so, comming soon! ;) However, our database is quite big at the moment - so, we challenge you to test it one more time and tell us if the questions were same. 😉 Tnx again for the time!
Really cool idea! I have used it with my gf 2 times and movies were spot on! Altho integration with netflix or something, or just to show where I can find movie would be awesome! :) good luck 😃
@bojan_k_ Thank you so much! :) Yes, integration with streaming platforms is the next big feature!
@bojan_k_ totally agreed! Also based on Netflix's country availability.