Track, discover and recommend your favorite TV shows

Stayhome is a web app that helps you track current and discover new TV shows.

I decided to step up my Product Hunt game 💯 and am on a mission to help 100+ makers and entrepreneurs launch their product this year! First up: @yassinebentaieb's Stayhome. Take it away Yassine! 🙌
Thanks @bramk! I’m happy to finally be sharing Stayhome with all of you. I started this side project with a friend, mostly because I had some specific needs to help keep my TV show addiction in check. With Stayhome I now have all the TV shows I watch in one place and I can pause ones I’m not into right now without forgetting where I was. I also know when new episodes are airing or when shows are ended or cancelled. To make it more interesting and useful for people other than TV show addicts, we also added ways to discover new shows and for users to recommend shows to others. We'll be improving these two areas a lot more soon! We were holding off sharing it with others because we kept wanting to make it better but we decided to just let it out into the wild and gather as much feedback as we can while we improve the app. This is where you come in :) I hope this is a useful app for you and we would love your feedback! Just leave it here or send it to Thanks and enjoy!
@yassinebentaieb @bramk @stayhome looks great! Wondering what is Stayhome key difference from other tools like - the one I'm using now. Any plans to launch a mobile app? It's one of main issues for me.
@thejoaosantos Thanks! I've used a bunch of tracking apps in the past, like Trakt, and some of them are great. However, I never had a clear overview of all the shows I watch, so that was the main goal, together with the ability to pause a show and hide it temporarily without losing my progress. Another key difference that we hope to improve a lot on is the discovery and curation of quality TV shows. The amount of quality TV being released has been increasing every year thanks to the war of the streaming giants. We'll try to help users figure out which one of them are worth spending your time on. Launching the mobile app is definitely the plan, but it's a bigger leap. For now the focus will be on improving the features we have and implementing the feedback we'll get over the coming weeks.
@yassinebentaieb Great! Will give it a try. Mobile will be a huge advantage (even if it was a working easy to use mobile website). Most users are using mobile while watching TV Shows.
Neat tool. I use things like Movieo for movies but this is good for TV. It would be nice to integrate a ratings system like Rotten Tomatoes into the site to help find good shows.
@plurnt +1 on RT ratings.
@plurnt Thanks for the feedback! We have this implemented on the recommendation page for a show, here's an example: - We're finetuning that currently and then adding it to the main show dialogs as well, as well as improving discovery in general. Any more suggestions are always welcome!
Super pumped to try this. Trakt didn't stick, hoping this does. How do you plan to make money?
The presence of upcoming shows and their auto-inclusion into 'Finished' is a bit odd.
@dshan The thinking for the shows you finished but have new episodes airing soon is as follows: These will only show up on your 'Current' list if they're airing within the next 7 days, anything after that stays in 'Finished' since it's not seen as 'relevant' at this point. Does that make sense? Would love to hear if you have any suggestions there.
@dshan Thanks, hope you like it! Since it was initially just a side-project mainly to serve my own needs there are no immediate plans to make money off this. Once we continue investing more time and effort into this and we feel the product is at a high level then we'll start thinking about that. The intention is to have the core app to always be free though.
@yassine_bentaieb Understood, and I do think the wording needs some thought. To me, Lost is finished. Having The Leftovers as Finished too is a bit confusing, especially as I'd like to reply on your app to let me know if shows get cancelled/end forever. Even that example is 'okay' (the Don't Worry, it'll be back' message helps) but I'd much rather have an 'Up To Date' list, and when show comes back it gets moved to my Current list. All that said, the MOST confusing is Marvel's Defenders, a show I found on your Discover tab which hasn't launched. Putting that in Finished is downright perplexing; would much better be served either in a group all its own, or in a more elegant grouping of Finished/Up To Date/Future shows.
@yassine_bentaieb last question, how do I share this with my fiance? i used FB login, unfortunately... any way to switch to u/p?