Searching for accommodation nearby an event made hassle-free

Stay22, a map-based accommodation system that allows event attendees to find a place to stay nearby their venue for the lowest prices available online.

Aggregating over 6.5 million listings in over 200 countries of all types of accommodation from suppliers like Airbnb,, and Expedia.

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Hey - hey - hey PH! Typically event-goers spend hours on meta-search engines comparing prices on a dozen of tabs, then search how far is the listing from the venue/destination, and then again have to find what means of transportation they need to use if they’re staying far. Long, time-consuming back-and-forth and costly process just to find a place to stay. Comes Stay22, a venue-centric map-based accommodation system that takes-off all this pain within 1 map. Enabling you to compare all the prices from all types of accommodation (Airbnb and hotels) on the same tab, demonstrating how far you’re staying from your venue/destination, and suggest the best means of transportation to use (ride-share, bike, and walk). Key benefits: - Lowest prices available online - Improved user experience in searching for a stay - A large-scale of all types of accommodation worldwide We’d love to get your feedback and comments to tell us what you think about the Stay22 solution Note: The map is originally made for organizations and platforms to embed within their systems to improve the event-goers experience in finding a place to stay near their events.
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You can distiguish great products by the fact that once they exist, it seems so natural in hindsight that you're surprised nobody thought of it before. ...Stay22 is definitely one of these.
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Meta search of event based travel. It was the initial problem which is solved by airbnb first but with a different product before Airbnb. Nice timing. Value is spot on.
@ozgur_ozkan Right on! We are event based travel, but also venue centric so that attendees can find their perfect place without searching for long.
What a cool idea, and perfect timing! I am just trying to plan a conference trip to the UK. Will sign up and try Stay22 to try and find accommodation near the venue!
@dsabar That sounds amazing! here's where you can go ahead and create your map