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#4 Product of the DayMay 30, 2018

Stay22, a map-based accommodation system that allows event attendees to find a place to stay nearby their venue for the lowest prices available online.

Aggregating over 6.5 million listings in over 200 countries of all types of accommodation from suppliers like Airbnb,, and Expedia.

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  • Michel Jamati
    Michel JamatiCTO of Lexop

    This is the only way I found to plan all my lodging when attending events or conferences. Otherwise I'm stuck with 10 booking site tabs.


    None that I can think of for my use

    Services like Expedia and Booking are pretty great to plan trips in the general sense, but they don't work when I want to set myself up for an event or a conference. Stay22 lets me find where to go in these cases.

    Michel Jamati has used this product for one week.
  • Martin Dionne
    Martin DionneBrighter Together!

    User-friendly, effortless integration, seemless booking


    This should be on a niched platform in event marketing, standing on its own

    Je pense que le fait de créer une carte d'accomodations pour les événements est brillant, parce que les festivals, spectacles, et autres venues sont les meilleurs aggrégateurs de gens de façon générale! I think that through event marketing, Stay22 has right now its hands on the perfect industry for the kind of product it is developping. Having a business in the event marketing space, it gives myself even more ideas to share with the guys of Stay22 on how to even broaden their applications! They made it so easy to book accomodation through their application that the integration to other partner or third party businesses/apps might well be one strategy to foster/faster growth. I really do believe in those guys! Good job and keep up your great work! Have seen and met these guys from their early beginnings and will for sure keep an eye on them!

    Martin Dionne has never used this product.
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Mohamad Al Sadoon
Mohamad Al SadoonMaker@mohamad_al_sadoon · Marketing Director at Stay22
Hey - hey - hey PH! Typically event-goers spend hours on meta-search engines comparing prices on a dozen of tabs, then search how far is the listing from the venue/destination, and then again have to find what means of transportation they need to use if they’re staying far. Long, time-consuming back-and-forth and costly process just to find a place to stay. Comes Stay22, a venue-centric map-based accommodation system that takes-off all this pain within 1 map. Enabling you to compare all the prices from all types of accommodation (Airbnb and hotels) on the same tab, demonstrating how far you’re staying from your venue/destination, and suggest the best means of transportation to use (ride-share, bike, and walk). Key benefits: - Lowest prices available online - Improved user experience in searching for a stay - A large-scale of all types of accommodation worldwide We’d love to get your feedback and comments to tell us what you think about the Stay22 solution Note: The map is originally made for organizations and platforms to embed within their systems to improve the event-goers experience in finding a place to stay near their events.
Frédéric Gauld
Frédéric Gauld@frederic_gauld
You can distiguish great products by the fact that once they exist, it seems so natural in hindsight that you're surprised nobody thought of it before. ...Stay22 is definitely one of these.
Özgür Özkan
Özgür Özkan@ozgur_ozkan · ceo, pinticks
Meta search of event based travel. It was the initial problem which is solved by airbnb first but with a different product before Airbnb. Nice timing. Value is spot on.
Mohamad Al Sadoon
Mohamad Al SadoonMaker@mohamad_al_sadoon · Marketing Director at Stay22
@ozgur_ozkan Right on! We are event based travel, but also venue centric so that attendees can find their perfect place without searching for long.
Devan Sabaratnam
Devan Sabaratnam@dsabar · Co-founder at
What a cool idea, and perfect timing! I am just trying to plan a conference trip to the UK. Will sign up and try Stay22 to try and find accommodation near the venue!
Mohamad Al Sadoon
Mohamad Al SadoonMaker@mohamad_al_sadoon · Marketing Director at Stay22
@dsabar That sounds amazing! here's where you can go ahead and create your map
Felix Cheruiyot
Felix Cheruiyot@felixcheruiyot · Lead,
Good stuff
Mohamad Al Sadoon
Mohamad Al SadoonMaker@mohamad_al_sadoon · Marketing Director at Stay22
@felixcheruiyot Thanks a lot!