An easy-to-use feedback app for agile organisations

StatusApp helps discover blockers, internal issues and communication gaps immediately. It supports agility, management decisions and facilitates more effective teamwork with 30 seconds of feedback a day.

StatusApp is a perfect tool for agile teams and organizations. It helps understand your colleagues and make better teamwork.
Does this have mobile apps for android and iOS?
@brucekraftjr Not yet, but we're planning to.
@brucekraftjr Currently StatusApp is fully optimized for mobile web browsers (our colleagues are using it like this on a daily basis). What benefit do you see in having native app versions?
@mizseieszter if there's a public facing aspect, this also becomes a development tool where teams and companies can adjust production and development based on feedback, interaction, and voting from our communities. That woulda make status app worth so much value to start ups, you can't even put a value on it
If this application really provides with such options then it really sounds good. I want to implement my ideas and I'm looking for web developers, looking for outsourcing. I found a Q&A topic related to it but I still can't decide. What're your thoughts on it?