Status Switcher for Slack

Change your Slack status from your iOS Lock Screen

Thanks for hunt @andy_bukuras! I built this over a weekend to solve a problem I encountered daily. Hope it saves you some time!
Now I just need our company to finish switching over to slack!
Hey, can you make it so you can add more than 4 to the app? Like, add your own custom ones without replacing the 4 in there?
@heidi_helen Thanks for the feedback. One of the challenges while designing was to pick a number that will fit inside 110px - Apple's default size for the compact widget. 4 worked out well for the grid to start with. I will definitely look into adding more.
@sharathprabhal - Yep. I understand you're working with limited room in the widget. How about having your top 4 for the widget and also tapping the widget to choose another one within the app? Where you could have a longer list or create your own? Perhaps you could reorder them with the top 4 appearing in the widget.
@heidi_helen Yep, as I was reading your previous message, I was thinking along the same lines as re-ordering. Keep an eye out for the next version!
Found this today. Super helpful product! Sharath says in his Medium post "It takes 7 taps and 30 seconds to update your status through the Slack mobile app....It shouldn’t." I agree.