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The video on the homepage is really awesome - it shows exactly how to use your product, and that is perfect :) Not sure I like not being able to see how much it'll cost after the first month (which is free) but apart from that it looks really good.
It looks as a very nice product that will really help managing the team, but I couldn't register. The sign up process was very difficult. I received the Email confirmation, clicked it but nothing happened and I couldn't enter the website. At that point I left. Will try letter on to deal with it.
@shashamir the email you received confirms that you got into the early access list. I will email you personally as soon as the product is ready for you to try!
Thanks for posting this, @tlgraham. We're working hard on launching the product very soon :)
Would love to see some integrations with the tools we're using to actually manage the projects, like Basecamp, Asana, etc.