Status Money: Social Network for Finance

Connect with peers to intelligently manage your money.

Status Money is the social network for your finances.
It privately connects you with peers so you can share financial tips and knowledge, compare finances, and intelligently manage your money. You can even earn cash rewards while improving your finances!
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8 Reviews5.0/5
Hi hunters! Two years ago, we launched our first app on Product Hunt. It was a budgeting app that let you anonymously compare your finances with people like you (similar age, income, location, credit score, etc.) so that you can flag areas of improvement. Our goal was to give everyone the ability to understand their financial status and learn from other people’s financial decisions and knowledge -- without compromising their privacy. It's been an incredible two years, and today I'm excited to share the Status Money Social Feed! Status Money now lets you connect with peers to anonymously post questions and share knowledge. You can also follow posts, people, and topics you care about. Let us know what you think!
Status is a really cool app. I have been using it for over a year and I have seen how it has improved over time with new features and rewards. I actually have received some rewards for taking some opportunities. The new feature of news feed that allows you to ask questions and interact anonymously is awesome. My finances have improved a lot since I use this platform. Although, I use a personal spreadsheet for budgeting, I always set up my limits on status so I can take a quick look to see that I'm on budget. The support team generally replies quickly to user's questions. I highly recommend Status.
You save money
Great info and great UX! It's my go to for tracking.
Love the ability to compare across demographics. The alerts feature is helpful too.