Status Money

Compare your finances. Find opportunities.

Status is the first and only PFM website that lets you anonymously compare your finances with millions of people like you! It shows you if you spend more on rent or restaurants than people living near you, if you earn less than people your age, or if you pay higher interest rates than people with similar credit scores.

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Hello Hunters, I'm Majd, the founder of Status Money. We've been working on Status for over a year and we're excited to share it with the PH community! Status aggregates your financial accounts, syncs with your TransUnion® credit file, and shows you how your finances compare to those of millions of anonymous people like you — these are people your age, that live in your city, and have an income, credit score, and housing situation that is similar to yours. It also tracks and predicts your future spending based on your transaction patterns, and lets you create trackers for any spending or income category — so you can easily manage your budget. Status is free and available now in the US. I'd love your thoughts and questions!
I like this. Amazing.
Brilliant idea! I hope i don't get depressed after realizing that my peers are better off
Been using this for the past few weeks and it is an awesome way to really see how you are doing compared to your peers, region or any combination of segment you want to create. Can't wait to see features expanded in the future!
Fascinating idea @majdmaksad ! Curious to test it out :) My question is about how the data is used. Since it's free, that data is obviously going to be the product. I presume the anonymity is maintained at the strictest level and no personal contact info is shared with credit card companies and the like? What would our data be used for? Otherwise, the credit sync would be a soft check, right? I'm not "pre-approved" for loans or cards? Always have to be skeptical at the idea of free services that would require such information of us, but I do like the idea of seeing how my peers are saving money over me, or otherwise seeing things to strive for, or be happier for.
Hi @irishpolyglot - thanks for the questions! We have strict privacy and security policies and we will NEVER sell our member's personal data. The data is only being used to improve our peer comparisons at this point, but we will eventually introduce targeted ads within the confines of our website. This way we can ensure these ads are relevant to you without ever sharing your data. As for the credit sync, you are correct - we do not post inquires to your credit file and linking it to Status will not affect your credit score in any way.
@majdmaksad Reassuring - thank you!