Status Hero

Lightweight Status Tracking for Project Teams

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Hi all - founder here. Thanks for the submission and upvotes! Status Hero is a classic itch/scratch product. On our remote software team, communication overload was a big problem (Slack, tickets, emails, etc). We needed something that would cut through the noise and collect and distribute status check-ins without the meeting hassle. We also needed check-ins doc'd and organized in an clean/agile (yesterday/today/blockers) way so that we could refer to them whenever we wanted. And if there were blockers, we wanted them highlighted. Status Hero does all that by using existing notification and communication channels (SMS/email/chat) and sorting out the check-ins for you and the team. No logins or app installs required for team members. Just recently we added some enterprise-y security features (field-level encryption) for some of our larger customers. Feedback welcome!
An interesting approach to replacing daily standup meetings for remote/distributed teams. SMS reminders is a nice touch. Added to my "Alternative Standup Meetings" product collection:
Hi, we tried similar service and meet the folloeing problem: people 's answers to online standup questions are too brief and don't actually describe what happends on the project. So, me as a PM had to go back to people after getting their replies and ask them again "what are doing? what did you do?" Because there wasn't enough information that people submitted as text stanups. So, in fact it didn't save my time as a manager and team's time because I had to asked them twise and eventualy it started to irritate the team - "why do we need to answer to text standups if you come and ask us again. Let's just discuss our statuses"/ Do anyone meet some problem? Is there chance to avide it using such kind of services cause idea of them looks good but......