See what your friends are up to w/ automatic status updates

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Kulveer Taggar
@kul · CEO, Egomotion Corp.
ha! great idea - ping me.
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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I miss the old status message from the days of AIM, ICQ, IRC, etc. There's something nice about its simplicity in which each update is impermanent (unlike Twitter, FB, etc. which become neverending streams of activity) and representative of one's current state (sometimes I wish I could put up an "afk" status on Twitter so people don't assume I'm ignoring th… See more
Kulveer Taggar
@kul · CEO, Egomotion Corp.
Hello Product Hunt! Status is a simple status app that delivers updates automatically from your phone. You choose who to share state with, and the app gives you an instant glance at who's free and busy. In our research, a very large proportion of messages sent are to do with co-ordination ("busy?", "coffee?", "how far are you?" etc). We figured this could b… See more
@krysfree · Founder, HeLLa Rides
Hard sell for my crowd, they tend to shy away from apps that track location and activity. I think the concept is definitely cool but I tend toward the old school manual means of updating. This is a bit smarter than I was expecting. Also, the questionnaire is clever but I'd be reluctant to add names with the expectation that they'd get undesired invites.
Viral Jogani
@virjog · ECE @ Rutgers University, 2017
Thanks for supporting Android users!
Shobhit Bakliwal
@shobhitic · Boxodi
Nice app there @kul! If I remember correctly, initially, WhatsApp too was a status broadcasting service, but a manual one. Automation here could be very useful, for say, turning on your heaters as soon as you reach home. Or, in future, creating coffee as soon as you reach office.