We make it easy to fetch sports data.

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I was introduced to this team and their API in a recent data science class I took. It is awesome to have all this sports data at your finger tips. If you like sports and/or data, check it out.
@dthyresson My pleasure, was a fun challenge to get up and running.
@dthyresson hey David, this looks like a great api. I'm wondering what your criteria is for issuing a commercial license? Many stats providers such as STATS or Sportsradar can get pretty pricy. Thanks man
Awesome stuff Stattleship is doing! Incredible platform they have built. There are way too many things you can do with it. Good thing I don't know how to code otherwise I wouldn't have a life anymore. Check out these twitter bots
Stattleship is an API and platform we use to connect brands with fans using social media, bots, and snackable content. We're also data junkies and make it easy for data scientists and journalists to spend less time fetching data and more time analyzing it using our R wrapper. Through our tools, we make it easy to build modern apps, bots and visualizations -- ours and yours. * R - * Ruby gem - * Node - * Slack Bot - * API docs - * Blog -
Big fan of Glickman - the slack bot. Well done!
@chris_hads Thanks! Messenger bot in the works.
Love it, used it for past few months getting dfs info and build some custom feeds.