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I'm really curious about this since there is a lot of companies who seems to do that since a long time (like Iconosquare). Do you plan to make the difference by the design, or by targeting people vs brands ? Congrats btw, it looks cool !
@bertwitt Good question! We started working on StatShot because the existing options were just not cutting it for us (StatShot was in part built to help us track https://exposure.co/ Instagram audience). Some too little on features but most way to heavy and expensive. This is very much a 1.0 and we want to avoid the burden of any analytics tool that is bloat. Start small and grow it into the best tool it can be. I've also been working with agencies and brands on a personal level (https://instagram.com/lukesbeard/) and have some decent insight into what is missing from the tools for Instagram Marketing. There is room to build a tool like StatShot from the ground up and cater for all the pain points. To put it simply: We want todo it bigger and better that the other tools from every aspect, for business and individuals. 1.0 is our starting point.
@lukesbeard @kylebragger nice and clear landing! good job, guys! I think this tool will be really useful first of all for marketers
Nice. I really liked the website. Are you planing to add some more social networks ?
@rawshashank Heya, thanks! We're focusing on IG for now. Who knows what the future holds, tho!
@kylebragger Cool. All the best :)
Guys, just signed up (after getting a little error which I screenshot for ya), very excited to get my first weekly update on monday, so far the UI/UX looks super. Good luck guys!
@yoavush hey Yoav, can you email statshot@exposure.co with the error screenshot and when it happened, etc.?
I'm absolutely hooked–this is so simple and fills a massive need. As usual, great work from the Exposure crew.