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Howdy Hunters, I’m Mike, Co-founder of Statsbot, along with @keydunov and @paveltiunov87. With our first launches on PH we had enormous success and right now more than 16 000 slack teams are using Statsbot. But it’s time to move forward and we are thrilled to show you Statsbot Alerts today. With access to too many applications, it is impossible for them to monitor all metrics, all the time. The Smart Alerts examines patterns in data, using machine learning and anomaly detection (ask @paveltiunov87 whats under the hood). Statsbot analyzes thousands of data combinations in minutes to focus you on critical changes in your data. Happy to get the feedback from community.
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@mike_melanin @keydunov @paveltiunov87 16k slack teams?! Holy shit!! Congrats - I knew you were doing well, but that is seriously well :) especially considering you launched on PH like 8 months ago
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@bentossell @keydunov @paveltiunov87 Thank you Ben! That initial launch on PH was extremely helpful.
@mike_melanin @keydunov @paveltiunov87 Congrats team on launching this. I remember sitting in the events space at betaworks talking to Artyom about this feature.
@bentossell well I was one of the 16k until the recent switch to the new plans. For my own purposes it's much easier for me to run most features with other tools (both free and paid) that have way more customization options and end up costing me less than Statsbot. Smaller startups need to be frugal and save time and money wherever they can, or, at least, get the most out of every penny they spend. Take Zapier, for example. Aside from alerts, it can do everything Statsbot can do at a fraction of the cost. For $50/month (same price as Statsbot's Basic plan) you can get 50x more reports and unlimited Slack users. Salesforce and GA are already supported (GA with a workaround), and the Mixpanel integration is just around the corner. For that reason, unfortunately, I don't see how Statsbot will add value to my business at the moment. @mike_melanin, please correct me if I'm wrong here.
@bulygind @bentossell Thank you for your feedback! We love Zapier, It is a great tool for scenarios. With Statsbot we want to focus more on intersection of BI and messaging, building robust NLP around that and proactive notifications. We are small startup itself and know how important it is to save every penny you can. That’s why we are giving 50% discount on any plan for startups and 100% discount on any plan for non-profits. BTW, We’d love to learn more about the set of other tools you mentioned, besides Zapier. Could you ping us on ?
Statsbot is actually one of those USEFUL bots :) I believe they took part in the @betaworks @botcamp demo day yesterday This new 'Alerts' system looks really cool - often a lot simpler than always keeping GA open and screen-shotting to send in Slack when something cool is happening (or bad!). This does it for you!
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@bentossell @betaworks @botcamp Betaworks Botcamp demo day was an awesome event for Bot companies. Today we take a part at NYC Slack meetup.
Dashboards are great, but, in most cases, they are not actionnables. This solution looks terrific to get actionnables insights or uncover new patterns to drive growth! This is gonna make people love reports ! Also looks like a great implementation of what Nir Eyal said in his amazing article > "Die Dashboards, Die! Why Conversations Will Reinvent Software"
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@benj_malartic thank you! We liked the article. That's what we always had in our minds – make analytics more proactive.
This is one of the most important things in the analytics installation in most apps that is always missing. Because yeah, you need analytics to get answers to your questions about how you can grow your business faster and increase revenue and lifetime and referrals and all that, but as importantly, you want to get notified when something happens in the app that affects your business performance. Maybe you got hunted. Maybe the onboarding screen’s broken and your retention is 10x lower than it should be. Maybe you’re launching 10 features simultaneously and have too much on your plate to go check out the analytics dashboard every day yourself — you don’t want to miss that spike. It's not about automatically sharing daily digests to #general — that's been around for years. What is important is a way to nudge the right people when the right metric surges. So, yeah, analytics alerts to Slack would be <3. Thanks for building this, Artem, Pavel & Mike. You guys rock.
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@xnutsive thank you for elaborating on Statsbot Alerts!
Find key patterns in your analytics data and get alerted right in Slack. Worth checking out because it'll probably save you time and maybe money too!
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. @hnshah Thank you for hunting @statsbotco Alerts on Product Hunt today!