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Thanks, Eric, for hunting us! Hello Product Hunters, I’m Mike, Co-Founder of Statsbot, along with @keydunov. We're happy to launch Statsbot for Slack! Statsbot monitors your application's metrics by integrating with Google Analytics. Just connect your account, and Statsbot will show you the numbers right inside your Slack! Currently we are working on adding more integrations, smart alerts and predictions, and more messaging platforms 🤓. If you want to see more features or have any questions, we’d appreciate your feedback! Thanks for checking us out!
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@mike_melanin @keydunov Nice :) Are users able to set up automated reports? Even better, automated reports for specific channels? E.g. Overview numbers get sent to your general channel first thing on a Monday morning. Conversion report gets sent to your marketing channel etc. That could be cool!
@bentossell @keydunov Hey Ben! Actually you described how it works ;) Try `@statsbot schedule summary`.
@mike_melanin @keydunov @statsbot LOL my bad! Just saw the example where someone requested the reports :)
@mike_melanin this is pretty nifty, would love to use this type of thing however not for GA, but for custom data. I guess you have build some set up where you take raw data from the GA API and then process it into an image, then post the image (graph?). That part I think would be very powerful as a slackbot if teams were able to integrate this for their own custom metrics.
@jasondainter @mike_melanin Thank you Jason, Yes, you are right. We have build some setup so we can connect different data sources (GA, Mixpanel, etc.). I think we will be able to connect some custom data sources (like SQL databases) pretty soon. And eventually we will release some API for that kind of integrations.
Statsbot is designed for product teams who need to constantly stay aware of analytics data but are overwhelmed by the complexity of existing tools. Statsbot solves this issue by providing you and your team with analytics insights in the most natural way - just ask him, like your buddy.
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We use Statsbot in our Slack community to track few websites. Nice to chat and get reports without any hustle.
Thank you @nikolaybezhko for being our customer!
Cool! I like it. I guess i should try it immediately)