Stats - For Twitter

Stats for 'any' account. Keep track of your competitors.

Beautiful and free. Fantastic for startups, SMBs, bloggers who cover brands and brands themselves!
@kaziurooj Thank you for recommendation! Awesome app! I've just have been looking for service like this and couldn't even dream about this kind of app for iPhone.
@kaziurooj While the app is useful, automated follow on Twitter and DM'ing without permission is lousy!
@kaziurooj I've been waiting for this app to even exist. Can't believe it's out. Only 30 minutes in and already enjoying this powerful little beast 👌🏼
@kaziurooj It gets worse. Now emails without unsubscribe option. Agghh
@arjunram Hi! We do neither. Automated follow is not allowed by Twitter's T&C. Ours is manual. We suggest the best people for you to follow. As for the DMs, they are sent by the user who it is addressed from. We are simply the medium they choose to send these (I.e. it is a feature that they turn on). Best, Urooj
Looks handy - looking forward to trying it out!
Great move building unbundling app's @nischal @buddhasource , keep them coming !
Could've been nice if worked well... Many bugs, good design
@moshehogeg Hi Moshe! Please drop us an email with the bugs you see. The app's still teething, have a lot planned. Your feedback would help. :) hello (@) crowdfireapp (dot) com.