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Monitor your (and your competitor's) Twitter engagement

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Thanks @t55 for sharing! :) The app was made by my teammates @deepak365, @kidsid49 and designed by @farhanpm786. Initially it was available only to users of our main app Crowdfire but now we are releasing a standalone app. Pretty soon, you'll be able to see Instagram stats in the app as well as get actionable insights. The app also sends you a weekly mail with a PDF report which tells you how your account performed on twitter. Social Media Managers can easily forward that mail/PDF to their clients to give them a summary of the week that went. Would be happy to answer any questions you guys might have. And thanks for trying out the app, you people are awesome! 😄
@ryandawidjan can finally step his Twitter game up.
Nice UI. Trying it out.
Super easy to use.
Are you planning on building in actionable insights (comparing activity this week vs. previous weeks in order to gain insights and give suggestions)? It's absolutely beautiful though, Putting the designs on Behance and Dribbble may get you some additional downloads. :)
@darrenterpstra Yes, we are working on introducing actionable insights in few months once we've added and stabilized more networks like Instagram.