Helps fund youth and school sports through game highlights

Hey Product Hunters! Remember growing up and going to your high school football or basketball games? Did you play high school soccer or tennis? What about little league baseball or softball? Do you have great memories of being with your teammates or your parents cheering you on? Now imagine growing up where none of those things exist. Unfortunately it’s a reality for many kids and schools today with more youth and schools soon facing this same fate. For almost 40% of school districts nationwide are charging fees to participate in sports, known as “pay-to-play.” In fact, by 2020 it’s estimated that 27% of U.S. Public high schools will be without any interscholastic sports programs. StatRow’s Impact: StatRow’s mission is to help reduce the financial burden on young athletes. Our platform allows youth and school organizations to use their own content (game highlights) to help fund the cost of playing. Our goal is for any kid to play any sport because of their love for the game and not have to decide which sports to play based on cost. The goal is for every organization and every school on StatRow to reduce their reliance on registration fees and fundraisers each year. Today, StatRow released our iOS app and will follow up with a Droid version and desktop site by the end of the year. If you have an iPhone download the app on today and help us fight the youth and school sports funding crisis. Feel free to reach out with any questions about StatRow. Also connect on Twitter @dj_mcduffie. Look forward to hearing from everyone!
As a friend of lots of folks in the high school athlete space, I often hear about the political challenges of getting funding allocated for various teams and athletes. It's cool to see what you guys are doing with StatRow, DJ and team. Definitely sharing with my high school coaching friends!
@onebandwagonfan Awesome! Thanks Harold...The goal is to reduce the reliance on registration fees and donations and have teams fund themselves so that all kids can play sports..Oh and we all can see youth and high school highlights from across the country...
Looks like a game changer.
@dj_mcduffie I am heavily involved in youth sports and I would love to know how you plan to get high schools to onboard with you? The high school sports market is a tough one as there is a lot of red tape as it relates to funding. Technically in California, pay to play is standard practice but it also cannot exclude an athlete from playing if they cannot afford to.
@ryanmtaylor Thanks for the response Ryan. You are correct the Cali market is a tough one to crack. We have a two part value prop for high schools. 1. Do you want your fans to see highlights of your games 2. Do you need additional revenue to fund your sports. If you answer yes to either question then StatRow is the platform for you.
@dj_mcduffie Curious to know what the answer to #1 has been in your conversations? To that point, Hudl doesn't offer an API for integration but is absolutely killing it in the high school video market. The problem they are solving is what used to be a manual process of coaches having to send DVDs and tape to each other to game plan for upcoming games. Lastly, where are the videos coming from? Who is the videographer?
@ryanmtaylor DM me and we can talk about it.