All your web stats in a beautifully designed iPhone app

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Thanks a lot for sharing this @juliaroy - this was my app and as it was suggested, it's gone sadly, as abandonware. I had some disagreements with the developers, who also maintain the site, and so it hasn't really been updated for some time. The UI is really outdated now, and it's buggy, as these types of apps need a lot of constant updates, as the services change over time. If a developer is listening, I'll be up for a new collaboration ;)
Installed it on my iPhone. It is truly a beautiful interface. Screenshot from my phone:
@juliaroy Was this updated recently? The reviews for it aren't so hot.
@wei_yang @juliaroy Hasn't been updated since August 2013 - possibly abandonware? On a purely aesthetic basis, the UI itself looks really nice, but why the gradient-heavy icon when the app is so "flat"?