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Hi I'm Eli, co-founder of StatMuse. Our mission is to make it easier for folks to analyze and visualize data using simple, natural language. As former co-captains of our high school basketball team, we decided to start with sports and launched a private beta in October centered around NBA data. This year, we plan to extend our platform to the rest of the major sports, with an eye towards non-sport related datasets in 2016 and beyond! For a limited time, we're opening up direct access to product hunters. Enjoy and let us know what you think!
@elidarrow This is super cool. Have you shared with r/nba yet?
The shot charts are amazing!
@StatMuse sorry for the disappointing comment. I know people expect thoughtful replies here, and not a lame *test*. A few minutes earlier though, I had actually hit the publish button on a pretty long comment about StatMuse that I find awesome, only to get a big « error » message and a complete disappearance of what I had typed. Anyways… I was saying that, as an early angel in Wit.AI (now Facebook) I always thought/hoped the team would take the product in this direction, I was suggesting a few possible use cases/applications, and I was sincerely wishing you *good luck*.
@StatMuse @virtualgoodz No worries, Simon! Thanks for the kind words!
I recently got my beta invite and was going to post here on PH, but it totally slipped my mind. I can't wait to see where you guys take StatMuse next. Right now it's an NBA stat-junky's dream. Literally anything you could ever want to know, using natural language, about any player/team/stat.
I use product hunt once a week -- it's hands down the easiest way to geek out on hoops ...