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Station unifies all your web apps in one neat & productive interface

🛠 A Smart Dock to organize your workflow

🔎 Unified Search to find anything quickly

🔔 Notification Center to stay in control

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89 Reviews5.0/5
No hyperbole, this is the best app I have ever used. So convenient having everything in one place. Multiple gmail accounts at once, every cloud service I use - I live on this app and cannot fault it in any way.

Probably the most useful product I've ever used on PH. Usually I try them once and eventually delete them. This app has made it easy to track the software I normally use without having to open multiple browsers. If there's such a thing as an OS for Work. This is it.


• Allows you to unplug and plug back into work

• Easy to track your apps

• Reduces browser tab hell


• No way to open multiple files on GDrive

• Navigation on redirects isn't good

There is a way to open multiple files on Google Drive. Just hover over the icon and it will show you all the files you've been working on recently.



Great Easy Product with Solid Integrations and More Coming



Everything is awesome. They nailed it. I used Franz before Station but Station just works a lot better.

The only thing I would change is their shortcut keys. "—" makes the app come forward. I use a lot of em-dashes. So annoying!


Serenity now



With Station our entire team is more efficient. I (as a team leader) can on-board way easily new members as everything is in the same place. No more trouble on finding your SaaS app in a thousand apps, no more trouble to concentrate on an infinity of things to do : Station gets the job done ! You want to collaborate faster? Get Station! You want your team to focus on work? Get Station! You want your team to thank you on a daily basis? Get Station! You want to know when or which service is no longer used? Get Station! (I could do that all day...) Get it and see for yourself :)


Can't tell how awesome Station is! It just revolutionized our way of working. Faster, better,stronger!


Still a few glitches, heavy users are testing and improving Station fast!