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Station unifies all your web apps in one neat & productive interface

🛠 A Smart Dock to organize your workflow

🔎 Unified Search to find anything quickly

🔔 Notification Center to stay in control

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  • diymanik
    diymanikDesign @ Thistle Health

    • Allows you to unplug and plug back into work

    • Easy to track your apps

    • Reduces browser tab hell


    • No way to open multiple files on GDrive

    • Navigation on redirects isn't good

    Probably the most useful product I've ever used on PH. Usually I try them once and eventually delete them. This app has made it easy to track the software I normally use without having to open multiple browsers. If there's such a thing as an OS for Work. This is it.

    diymanik has used this product for one year.
  • Eugeny Plokhoj
    Eugeny PlokhojDocuments by Readdle

    NIce tool to connect different accounts in one place



    What about the privacy? Obviously to connect any application you have to sign in. But I'm not ready to type in my iTunes Connect password in unknown browser. I think that it's a great idea and may be a great tool, but can't be sure that it's safe.

    Eugeny Plokhoj has used this product for one day.
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Stephen Catterson
Stephen Catterson@stephen_catterson · Founder, Linkpro
No hyperbole, this is the best app I have ever used. So convenient having everything in one place. Multiple gmail accounts at once, every cloud service I use - I live on this app and cannot fault it in any way.
Jimmy Winskowski
Jimmy Winskowski@jwinskowski · Levy Online
This is so freaking amazing. I've been on Station for months and it's replaced the slack app, two "always open" Google drive tabs, a separate window for Asana, a third party app that I was using for Facebook messenger, and several other apps that I use occasionally. It's incredible. 10/10 recommend.
Joshua A. Brueckner
Joshua A. Brueckner@jabrueckner · Founder & CEO, Air Tailor
Looks awesome! Any plans for Hubspot integrated into Station on Gmail for tools like email tracking and logging, sequences, send later, etc.? I imagine all Chrome extensions can't carry over to Station, or maybe I'm wrong!