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patrick crosby@patrickxb · Founder, StatHat
I'm the founder of StatHat. Let me know if you have any questions about the product. We have a big new feature launching this week. I'll add a comment here when it is deployed.
JP Patil@jpatil · Product @ Grand Rounds
Hey @patrickxb looks pretty cool. Since it says custom stats, that means you can create your own right? The webpage shows all devops type stats, is there a limitation in what can be created?
patrick crosby@patrickxb · Founder, StatHat
@jpatil You can create any kind of stat you want: user created, number of paid users, number of messages sent from females to males, api calls, load averages, page views, number of seconds iPhone app was active, etc. Any number or event in your application/system. It is all custom stats, there are no default stats.
JP Patil@jpatil · Product @ Grand Rounds
Cool! Will definitely check it out.
Frank Fumarola@ffumarola · Product at Pinterest, Formerly Facebook
@patrickxb I am passing some information on from one of our developers. "It looks like they are just a wrapper around statsD with some nice charting. Their Python lib has some issues, IMO, and their instructions are incorrect. They say to do: from stathat import StatHat stathat.ez_post_count('', 'My awesome stat', 1) but you actually need to instantiate the StatHat class or you'll get a NameError. You need to do: from stathat import StatHat stathat = StatHat() #this line stathat.ez_post_count('', 'My awesome stat', 1) Alternatively they could change their library and not have the methods be attached to the StatHat class and just declare them at the module level. There really is no reason for them to have it under a class since the class isn't storing any data. If they made their code like this then they could just do: import stathat stathat.ez_post_value('', 'awesome stat', 100) Their class should also be extending object in their implementation. The class is basically useless right now since it isn't storing any state or anything like that. So, now if they do the class is more useful. You initialize it with your key. In general I think a single app would probably be sending stats to the same account 99% of the time so this approach saves you from needing to pass that key in every time you call the method. stathat = StatHat('') stathat.ez_poast_value('my awesome stat', 1) ALSO, it just sends HTTP request to their web api. The major issue is its synchronous so if you are sending stats your app won't continue until the request finishes so if their site gets bogged down or something its going to slow your app down. One last piece of feedback: i'm trying to change my interval to show 1 day of history in 5 minutes instead of 15, but it keeps changing back to 15.