This report focuses on how tech companies hire and keep talents, manage software development, experiment with outsourcing, ensure code quality and more. The report also uncovers the most popular technologies and tools for testing, version control, project management, and communication.
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Hey PH 👋 Every year we publish the State of Software Development report. Our intention was to take a snapshot of the industry, track how it evolved in the past and make an educated guess as to where it’s heading. To better understand these changes and to uncover the biggest challenges and best practices, we teamed up with 9 cool companies to collect data from 695 tech people. This year’s report will give you the data you need to benchmark your activities against other survey participants, get some insights to further improve your developer team and keep up with the rapidly changing industry. Here is a blog post highlighting some of the coolest stats from the report: You can also download the full report here: Would love to know what you guys think.
Looks interesting :)