Visualizing the current state of development

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Hi. This is my latest side project. I enjoy doing research for certain topics, and usually end up drawing a graph that positions all concepts so I get a good understanding of a market. I build a tool around that, which became Its an early release, so any feedback is appreciated. Read more about it here:
I really dig this. The idea of using common mapping patterns to visualize dev tools is genius. To give feedback: The first important gap would be explaining the diagrams. Just an intro to trough of disillusionment and whatever version of the diffusions of innovations you're using would be awesome πŸ‘Œ. Next is clarity on whether the state of tools is your personal opinion or based on external data (and how dynamic the content is). Lastly, a feature request: I'd love to see Wardley Maps of the state of dev around cloud computing and similar. More on that here:
@mjbrender I agree on your points. Only recently I learned about which is maybe initially easier to comprehend. I could adopt some of that. I would love to see the charts evolve into a community/expert effort, with arguments on why what is where. (wiki?) Wardley also looks interesting, and might be useful to adopt.
@yvoschaap I dig the community angle - something where each chart has a discussion thread associated with it. Could wrap that up into a GH repo with some markdown pretty easily. Cool. Glad you like the maps too!
Looks good! πŸŽ‰ Can you elaborate on what the different XY-axes represent? I found it quite difficult to make sense of the diagrams before reading your medium post. (Maybe add an explanation for "Expectations" and add a label for the time axis.) Great stuff! πŸš€
Pretty cool. You should probably open up in some way to allow others to edit.
Pretty interesting. Good work on the research!