State of Agency Industry 2019

Build your growth strategy based on 50+ insights & 15+ tips

The data collected among 100+ agency owners gave us insights on the shift in the industry. We presented it in a 70-page report through various metrics and expert tips. Enjoy!
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Hey everybody at Product Hunt! We are excited to present the report on the challenges and opportunities marketing agencies are facing in 2019. We collected the data from 100+ agency owners and designed it in a 70-page report. We focused on the idea of peer mentoring and asked agency owners and business experts to share their expertise. To help agencies find their place on the market, we created profiles of agencies at different maturity level. So here’s what you get once you’ve downloaded the report: 50+ charts with various metrics from the revenue & services to work-life balance; 15+ insights and comments by top agency industry experts; 10 parameters to compare yourself with industry averages. We’re always here to offer additional details and answer any questions you may have. Let’s make the industry thrive through fruitful discussions and exchanges of experience ! Enjoy :)
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For agencies with 50+ employees this looks very close to what we have, thank you for this data
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@lala3c thanks for your support, we tried to keep the data as accurate as possible!
As an agency employee I'm so excited about this report :)
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@rzcwfl1 I can relate, indeed
@rzcwfl1 thanks for your kind words
Thanks for the useful information and huge work!
@dimpiax always welcome! it was a great experience and a lot of data to process.
Thanks for such insights
@helpiqd make sure to compare your agency in the end of the report, there are a lot of parameters to use