One-click business & growth analytics for Intercom

#5 Product of the DayJuly 03, 2015

We import all your Intercom data and transform it for your you. No more SQL-hassle! We do the job for you and present them in actionable reports.

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I'm really enthusiastic about intercom add-ons like Statbot. I think there's huge potential to create a Stripe-like ecosystem of small businesses
Between this and there are a growing number of apps building analytics for analytics apps!
@barryhand Yes, keep em coming so we all can get better at this! :)
@ideasasylum Thanks Jamie and yes, we think so too. Intercom is great and this is just a start. I sure appreciate feedback and ideas on how I can take this further. :)
This looks awesome @akebrattberg What's the story behind this product? Who's your ideal client for this solution?
@gregoiregilbert Thanks Grégoire! Basically I first got the idea when I was browsing “label:intercom” in Gmail. :) label:intercom Funny story though because I didn’t act on it at the time. A couple of months later I discovered Statbot by a friend. He didn’t want to continue pursue this space so I made an offer and here we are. I’ve started to make a few changes but basically trying to get as much feedback as possible at the moment so I make sure I build the right product. I am primarily focusing on SaaS apps atm but have a few customers with iOS/Android apps as well. The thing I like most with these kind of add-ons (like Baremetrics as well) is that it just works, out of the box. No setup or configuration.
@gregoiregilbert hmm I'm probably an ideal customer. I've already pinged my head of user acquisition to sign up. he manually creates cohort spreadsheets and reports so this is well worth it. cheers @akebrattberg for a solid mvp to a growing problem for growing SaaS companies that put customer happiness first with @intercom
@taylorhou Thanks Taylor! I would love to hear more from your colleague what he's needs are.
Always great to see more data and analytics brought to the customer experience - if it gets measured, it gets done! Nice job!