The King of all flasks

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Hey Guys! Dan here... Let me know if you have any questions about our product. Its uses are pretty straightforward :)
@brovaes I left SF for the Netherlands (Amsterdam) some time ago, but I still miss the "cigarillo" culture in the US ;)
Could have used this last weekend for outside lands!! Damn... Oh well, I just pledged for one anyway :). It looks a little thick to pass as an ipad mini case? I'm not complaining, as I can fit more fun stuff in it, but has it ever failed entry into an event / venue?
@nemrow Hi Jordan, we tried it at Lollapalooza and it worked like a charm. I just held it in my hand as I was walking past security and they patted me down next to my pants and I was on my way to a GREAT evening :)
Looking forward to giving a few of these out for Christmas! Good work @ethanhou1 @brovaes