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This board managed to pack in some pretty amazing specs. Super light weight at 8.1 lbs, but only gets 10 miles on a single charge which is kinda low compared to the other boards out there (I'm the proud owner of an E-GO board and it get's 18 miles on a charge). So it seems like they went with smaller battery - so small you can hardly see it on the profile view! Speed: 18.6 mph. Wow. This usually comes with a caveat of "depending on how much you weigh" but this top speed is definitely on the higher end of boards, and closer to the Boosted Boards ~20mph top speed, but Boosted also weights 5lbs more so looks they crammed some extra battery in there. Overall, this looks like its going to be a great board. They make note of the power they've summoned from the board coming from the gear box the designed to go inside of the wheel. Pretty darn cool.
@kristofertm Was stoked when I saw this Skateboard from Casey Niestat:
Not sure if its the same STARY Skateboard though.
@imkarthikk @kristofertm http://boostedboards.com/ little different motor and battery are external, colour scheme matches though
@kristofertm the guys at http://www.inboardskate.com/ did a kickstarter with their in-wheel motor board too. For them the motor in the wheel is a means to make the board work also in a more traditional way (you can push yourself with your foot) that I think it's a nice touch :)
@alistaircoggins @kristofertm Ah ha. Was confused looking at the similarities.
Hey, looks really good I think it solves a lot of the issues that others have with external batteries and motors etc. Load limit seems a little low at 200lb though
The KS page says "No Motor, No Battery..." They squeeze a particle accelerator onto this too? lol
Price point of $399 is extremely interesting...compared to the $899+ you have to pay for other e-boards.
@matthewberman my thought exactly. worried that the missing $400 wasnt pure margin
Motor built into the wheel! Nice :D