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Neat to see SV on here, they've been around forever, offering "words of wisdom" to startups, schools, and anyone else who just wants a big reminder of what to focus on (or not focus on). One of my posters is currently being featured: http://www.startupvitamins.com/p...
@tannerc So how does the business model work. Do you get a cut of each sale?
@BlendahTom Yeah, I can't remember the percentage off the top of my head though. Basically someone from SV reached out to me to see if I'd be interested in taking one of my blog posts and turning it into a print. It's been fun to work with them on products.
@tannerc Interesting. So it's kind of like a royalty almost. Do you get a small check each month? :)
@BlendahTom Exactly, but rather than a monthly check they send out royalty payments once every business quarter.
Love these! Ordering a few today.
I love these guys. I have tons of their stuff.

@noahkagan looks like your featured today. Can you tell us about how you hooked up w/ SV. 

@BlendahTom Hey man. They just reached out after I tweeted that. Happy to intro if you want. Just bought that poster for a friends office today :)
<3 Startup Vitamins