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Swag marketing automation: Send tshirts from 500+ apps

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Hey ProductHunt! We’re officially launching our integration with Zapier today, which enables you to send custom t-shirts and packs from over 500 applications. We built this integration since we saw promotional products as a powerful marketing tool, but most companies handle it in a manual way. Now marketers can use a promotional product as part of their marketing automation stack and truly scale this channel if it works for their community. Our current customers are already using our API in many ways to reward users and send out marketing materials to vendors. With the Zapier integration it becomes even easier to connect to other applications: Delighted : Send a tshirt to users who respond positively to a NPS survey Salesforce : Send a thank you pack to a new high value client once they close Stripe : Send a marketing pack to new vendors once they sign up for a paid plan Intercom : Send a tshirt as a thank you for a customer who has a good customer service experience by tagging the user in Intercom Google Sheets : Send a welcome pack to new employees Ambassador : Reward users who refer the most customers to your product automatically Here to answer any questions you may have.
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@frankdenbow Oooo I like this idea! nice work :) What other things do you have in the pipeline with this? Do people get a t-shirt auto-sent when upvoting 😜
@bentossell Thanks! We're looking to continue finding ways to integrate our API into other services, e-commerce being the next major step there. In general we want to make it easy to send items and that means integrating where you work, without having change up your workflow. Tshirt after upvote is possible, just use the api: :)
@frankdenbow haha awesome :) Interested to see how all this develops! I assume things could be integrated with Kickstarter campaigns which could be cool
@bentossell Exactly. We can (and have) fulfilled Kickstarter rewards. We launched bulk uploads last month as well so you can create a csv of addresses and upload to us for fulfillment.
I love this idea. Great way to surprise and delight customers :)
@jordan_gonen thanks jordan! we think so too
Very cool, Frank, nice work and good luck!
@karlpawlewicz Thanks Karl!
Game changer!
Would love to see this work with Sticker Mule.
@sccornwell We love StickerMule and partner with them on our Packs (