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Easily Sell custom tshirts in your shopify store

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Hey ProductHunt, We launched out Shopify App to enable anyone to sell custom tshirts and other apparel without having to deal with printing and fulfillment. With our app, you can setup: - A store for a new clothing brand - An internal site for employees to order swag - A swag shop for your customers and leads And many more. Use the same inventory that you use to grow your userbase by doing giveaways, shipping to events, and sending to leads using our other tools.
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@frankdenbow great stuff, frank!
@frankdenbow Do you ship to Mexico?
This is one of those things that becomes so obvious once you start using it.
@frankdenbow While this is slick, I don't like that it's not print to order.... I use Printful exactly for this reason. The whole point of having a Shopify App to handle my printing and fulfillment is because I don't want to have inventory (wether that be with you [25 minimum order] or with myself). I've been weighing my options of what service I want to use, and Printful has them all topped because of their flexibility and variety in products. I wish there was a true competitor that I could try out that provided better features or flexibility.
@brody_berson Hey Brody. Totally fair point. The difference is in the print quality and pricing. If you're looking for the highest quality print, you'll get better print results with screen printing (which is what we do) instead of doing direct to garment (DTG) printing. DTG is certainly getting better, but customers can feel the difference. You also lose out of volume discounts by going with DTG as well and your margins suffer for it. With our service, you can actually take in orders even if you *don't* have inventory, and then send in a print order for those pending orders. Then you don't have to deal with excess inventory. Over time, our minimum for print orders will go down and you'll have less inventory risk. You can also use the extra inventory you have to gather emails and do giveaways.
@frankdenbow Thank you for your thoughtful response. I'll keep an eye out for your minimum to drop and look into StartupThreads if there is big enough demand for my current designs on my site that I'm using Printful for. I really like the idea of Screen Printing, but this early in the game, I need to justify my MVP before I start worrying about my margins and sinking too much of my own money into my idea.
Well done, Frank! So proud of you!
simple concept but could see this being a lifesaver for giveaways, contests and onboarding new employees (new hire swag packages).