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What does it take to get Mixergy on there.
@andrewwarner I'm surprised they don't have you listed. Your podcast is my favorite btw.
@andrewwarner I've asked the maker @JoshSchoen to jump in
@erictwillis @andrewwarner Haha sorry! Will get to it this week. Do you have a top 10 somewhere?
Very cool thanks for sharing. I really wish I was able to listen to podcasts and work (productively) simultaneously so I could listen to more...but it's one or the other for me. Anyone else the same way?
@kevinace Same here. I can't listen to podcasts and do anything else.
@erictwillis @kevinace me too. But for me, the right talk can get me so much more motivated that I'll gladly take a 15-30 minutes out of my work day to listen to one.