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Jack Smith
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
Where's it pulling the data from? Says that slack has only raised $59.95M, but they've actually raised closer to $330M (and have for about a year).
Enrico Foschi
Enrico Foschi@enricofoschi · CTO @ 4scotty, mentor @ Geekettes, maker
Nice aggregator. Thoughts: * Make the placeholder in the main search (landing page) much lighter. Like.... an actual placeholder ^^. I tried to select "Senior Software Engineer" a couple of time to remove it... realizing just after that it was only a background decoration (aka.... placeholder). * The autocomplete seems to have some latency issues (server error messages - maybe not throttled <> aborted properly) - you can just silence them in that comment (after all, it's a suggestion, not a necessity...) * The autocomplete seems to give me company names for job roles.... a bit weird. Searching for team leader I got a lot of company names.... I guess they are all searching for team leaders, but can you make it more clear? * Why do you ask me to login after signing up? * Right after signup, I'm back at the landing page, that looks exactly like before (well, almost). It would be nice to have a neat on-page guide * While browsing search results (default view / growth mode), I feel that you are pushing me all that kind of data that I'd rather browse after I get interested about the company & position. There may be a bit of too much information on that page. Look at how is nailing this
MANU MI@manumish · Senior Software Engineer
The concept is cool. But I have below points: 1. The data is not up to date. 2. Search doesn't help me in its entirety, I could already look at "The breakout list" and it is much better with the information. As a job applicant, I would have liked it more, if there was a seamless one button apply option that I can click to apply for the best jobs out there. It can learn more about me and give me closest matching jobs.
Kane Mcknight I.
Kane Mcknight I.@knt_momunoff · @wecoderemotely
I could not open the site. . .