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Really excited to share our first step toward building out the community. When we were building this site we thought about many of you on PH and other forums where Founders come together to share what they are working on. While there's always a lot of glory around getting big headlines and landing huge funding rounds, our site and our community isn't really about that. It's not about fake metrics and artificial buzz - we feel that's a broken narrative. We're about creators who care deeply about what they are building and want to start companies that are genuinely meaningful to them, not the media or investors alone. Our initial approach consists of four areas - Education, Answers, Reviews and Articles. The next iteration of the site will focus on interactivity, allowing the 1 million registered startups to start interacting proactively with each other. The content will continue to focus around telling the Founder's story, preferably from the Founders themselves. I'd love to hear your thoughts about more ways we can provide a home for Founders to work together and share their journey and their wisdom. This is the beta - much more to come! Wil Schroter, Founder + CEO,
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@wilschroter congrats Wil and Team Startups!
@wilschroter Looks great. I dont think we can never have enough collective intelligence on starting up. Would love to help out with some articles.
@rameshdot0 can you shoot me an email - - and we can chat?
@wilschroter is incredibly serious about helping companies. About 5-6 years ago I sent him a way-too-long n00b email and he quickly responded point-by-point with meaningful advice. Looking forward to seeing this grow. Congrats Wil.
@wilschroter and his team just launched 2.0! After acquiring websites like Clarity, Zirtual and Killerstartups they have now incorporated all these key knowledge tools into one platform, serving over 1 million startup founders.
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Nice work @wilschroter and team-- looks great! Would love to contribute. Will follow up offline.
Beautiful design and well packaged. Nice work guys.
this is awesome -- just watched some social media videos