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Anonymously ask questions and share stories. AA for Startups is a safe haven, free from retribution for those working in Startups. Launching a confessional booth soon and hoping to launch local SA meetups in the near future.

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Hi all - First time contributing today. I'm the founder of a company called, (which was formerly known as Wahooly). Recent AngelPad alum. is a passion project of mine. I wanted to inject more honesty and realism into startups by providing a safe haven, free from retribution. Launching a confessional booth soon and hoping to launch local SA meetups in the near future. Hope you enjoy.
@rrhoover It's funny you mention Whisper. I had been working on this confessional booth when I came across them. I got the gut-wrenching feeling when I saw they beat me to the punch. That said, we're working on doing a video version. Auto filters will disguise the voice and blur the image. It's pretty cool. Re: Wahooly. It was a tough decision. One thing was blatantly obvious though. While the idea of earning equity for brand advocacy was extremely interesting to a lot of people, their participation didn't match their interest. Campaign sustainability was a real challenge for us. It turned out that those that were willing to be the most active were the ones with the least amount of influence online. We decided to focus our attention on creating a product that catered to those that cared about their social reputations. That said, I still think that Wahooly can work. It needs to be greater than social advocacy though. It's needs to be more about collaboration. Maybe someday. :)
BTW: I'm looking for a technical partner for this project. Preferably a Wordpress developer/designer that has a passion for the mission. Hope this an appropriate venue to mention that. danaseverson (at) gmail
Love this idea and if you wanted to make it more link-baity, you might call it a "Whisper for Entrepreneurs" ;). @danerobert - I'm curious to hear more about Wahooly and how you decided to kill the project. From the outside, it appeared to have early traction.
I love the concept. How to keep the anonymous part in meetups?! @danerobert