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There are so many curated lists now, I think we need a curated list of the curated lists.
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@adamowenit True. That's what I'm working on at http://topl.io
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@adamowenit when your joke is met with a created solution, only on product hunt 😂
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@adamowenit I said the exact same thing as soon as I saw this. Like didn't I just see this? But it was for designers and developers and business. These are cool but need a lil spice of creativity added.
@youngfonz @adamowenit I'm trying to be different by having very tightly culled lists per category. Trying to limit choice overload!
The color palette gives me a headache. Other than that, this is a very good treasure chest of tools. 👑
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@dredurr What else should I do for the color scheme? I don't want it to be all one color. Maybe I should pick a half dozen or dozen nice colors and repeat them? Or make one color per broad category, like green for "revenue" then categories like Sales and Payment Solutions could be green? What does everyone think about the color issue?
@vacord @dredurr I like the idea of having a different colour per broad category of tools. So blue for anything finance-related, orange for marketing etc. You've got quite a lot of tool categories on there, so it'd definitely help to be able to quickly see at a glance the type of tool.
@adamowenit @dredurr Yeah color per broad category is great. I will do that. Thanks
@vacord yeah I like that a lot better. I hope I didn't offend you by saying that
@vacord I do love your list😍
I like how there is a category named "Espionage"
@carolskelly Yeah I think everyone does. It's one of the most popular ones when I look at the logs!
@vacord @carolskelly I have to agree with @DreDurr that the colours could be more calm but that's a detail, awesome resource! P.S. perhaps Startup Tracker 2.0 could fit into espionage (our hunt featured today too:-))?
@_jeremiahs hmmm! I will look into it. I'm really trying to just keep five items or less in each category, to prevent an overwhelming amount of options
@vacord @carolskelly I think product hunters look at this comment and then run at the site and click that one to see what it is about. :p
@vacord It's true people can only focus on 4+-1 things at a time – so I get your point. In any case do try it out and let me know! Cheers
We've hit peak resource curation. TBH tired of seeing these at the top of PH.
@abe_storey This. Sadly I think the fact that there are so many devalues them all. And many are killer when launched but keeping this kind of thing current is very challenging. It'll be interesting to see which emerge as long term resources.
@dshan @abe_storey This is a long time plan for me. I want to use it as a platform for my own writing/blogging, and I'm obsessed with knowing what tools to use. I have to figure out what to do with all the "runner ups" though, the tools that don't make the cut to the top five that I list...
@dshan Well said - I agree.
@vacord I didn't want for my comment to come off as too harsh or offensive, and my apologies if it did. I think makers like you and me should get every ounce of credit on launch day. It takes gallons of coffee, skill, patience, and a thick skin to make something for the world. And you no doubt have all of those attributes. I know it and I haven't even met you - seriously. Although sometimes it's frustrating to see someone with such amazing design/dev skills to work on something that's been done so many times before - without any major distinctions. Keep making and best of luck -Abe
@abe_storey I wasn't offended! And this is one of five current projects, so it's not what I'm pouring all my brain into, you know? This is going to be a platform for me, so I'm interested in it long term. Also those weren't my design skills, It's built off a template, though I really hacked it up ;)
Looks a lot like Startupstash. Apart from that, this has more categories, I didn't like the design of it but still a good resource. 😃👌
@saabbasb Hi Ameeer, what don't you like about the design of it?
@vacord I don't like the color palette but in future you can make changes. I'm just not a fan of so many colors at one place lol its not pleasant for me. 😄
@saabbasb Agreed. I'm going to simplify the colors as I talked about with @dredurr
@saabbasb @kupeplex @dredurr I redid the color scheme. Check it out and let me know if it's better or worse please
@vacord looks much better now!