Startuplister helps startups build backlinks, pitch blogs, and get traffic. Of course, you could hire your own virtual assistant to do this work. It's not rocket science, but it is laborious -- it'd take you roughly 8 hours to complete each submission. That's why we exist -- to help startups get exposure quickly and cost effectively.

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Hey All! I created Startuplister to help streamline the process of submitting your startup to tech blogs, review sites, and startup directories. Instead of filling out 40+ forms, you only have to fill out one form once and I will review and manually submit your startup for you. Discount code that @BlendahTom mentioned below of course applies to the Product Hunt community as well! Happy to answer any questions and thanks for the support.
Pretty cool service.. I found a discount code to for 30% off HN2014 .. Let's see if @crixlet can jump in and answer some questions :) .. cc @ErikTorenberg
@BlendahTom I just provided commenting access to @crixlet.
Nicely done and a good price.
@crixlet suggestion - add in a version for app submission to the app review places that still do reviews. The couple of places that do it (that I've tried) don't provide any results, and what response I've gotten when using them is 'pay for our expedited review - only $xx" (there is a difference between startups and apps for those of us who do multiple apps in a month.)
@SacBookReviewer Thanks for the feedback. So if i'm hearing you right, you're suggesting a version specific for apps (vs startups) for the limited # of sites that do legitimate app reviews? Is that right? I want to make sure I understand what you're saying. And thanks again for the feedback!
@crixlet yes, that's what I was saying. Startups (new businesses) are different than apps for developers that do more than one app. Granted many startups are app companies, but their business is one app as opposed to our model where app development is our business.
@SacBookReviewer Roger that. Helpful! Which sites have you used that have been successful at garnering reviews? Thanks!
thanks @BlendahTom for the promo code and thanks @crixlet for the list
Great idea, will try it out for Lowdown and HERE (coming soon)