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@adam Yeah! It's been live since April 2011. @Nathan I need to approve more startups more often, but I try to approve startups that seem viable. With having worked at AngelList and running StartupList for a couple years, I've seen thousands of early startups. I try to quickly review their: Current stage of development Market Location Design Team Market competition Product If they seem to be a relatively viable startup that's not going to die in a month, I'll approve it. As StartupList is a curated site, I need to be weary of approving everything, when most startups fail. It sometimes feels like I'm an investor, not with money, but with visibility. Thanks for the question! Nick
Welcome, Nick! I'm curious how you select startups to feature?
woah, meta :)
@TheNickFrost and I geeked out about this topic at the PandoMonthly event earlier this week. I respect the amount of effort and investment he puts into his curated list.
@thinker I just added TOPDOX to StartupList! Congrats on what you've built! Really interesting!