T-shirts & posters celebrating the absurdity of startup life

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Nick Haase@nickatloot · Co-founder, Startup Drugz
Thanks for an awesome day so far on PH everyone. We have a lot of really great stuff coming out soon so if you are interested in seeing what crazy shit we release in version 1.1+ sign up for our spam free email list on the site or just follow us on Twitter. Or don't. It's your world- we are just living in it.
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Vijay Sivaji@vjnotes · Head of UX @AbraGlobal
Haha "Upvote Our Startup"
Ahmad Ktaech⚡️@ahmadktaech · Founder of EbbuApp.com
@vjnotes lol
Jim Carter III@noinput · Cause Hacker
Maxwell Finn
@maxwellfinn · CEO at Startup Drugz
@noinput we may have a winner!
Johannes Berger@triplejberger · Co-founder & CEO, Mimo
'Order confirmation for order #1004' :thumbsup:
Ahmad Ktaech⚡️@ahmadktaech · Founder of EbbuApp.com
Haha. My favourite is the 'Lifestream This' shirt ;)
Syed Ahmed@syedahmedz · CTO, Tara.ai
Haha these are really cool, love the captions on them, you should try "from ramen to riches"