YC's How to Start a Startup packaged as an online course

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I was super stoked when YC announced the Startup Class and thought the tool we at Fedora ( were building would be a great way of packaging the content. With @pulakm's permission, we set up an unofficial website where you can sign up for the course, stream or download all the videos, discuss each lecture and reading while tracking your progress through the course in a single place. Fun fact: The first two videos have been watched for a combined 750 hours on so far!
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@ankurnagpal Does Bitfountain use Fedora too?
@tzhongg Yup, @jjazzi_ and @eliotarntz are amongst our favs.
@ankurnagpal Awesome! Love the interface. How do I mark a lesson as learned though? I've already completed it but it doesn't show up as a filled circle.
@tzhongg Either use the right-arrow key or press the Complete button at the bottom of the screen.
This is awesome! FYI, there's a typo on the main CTA, says "sign up for login for free." :)
@ankurnagpal this is so awesome. I will be a regular visitor to the site.