A "choose your own adventure" story for startup founders

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I was always a fan of those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books as a kid - it was so fun to figure out all the endings. After learning more about front-end web dev, this seemed like a great project to test my skills and grow. Let me know what you think! More on how this came to be:
@jasonshen super fun, cool idea Jason!
@jasonshen Nice, although I was playing around with this a couple of months ago but it just wasnt on my critical path of stuff I needed to do (still really isnt). I did play around a little bit though with.... & I bought the domain "" Clearly you put more care into it though :)
Really fun and super engaging. You got a great storytelling voice! Any plans to mix in an actual startup's story into this? A historical fiction of sorts. Would be interesting to see what decisions @rrhoover had to make at critical crossroads in the PH history. Could be a new way of telling one's startup story. ^_^
It's cool! But i think having only 2 choices as an answer would make people bored (at least that's me). if you could build more interactive thing (not only Q & A with 2 choices), it would be great. Anyway, keep up the good work! :)
@wilbertliu totally. It gets pretty tricky from a content perspective to track multiple decisions (I had to make a spreadsheet just to manage what I have) But definitely something I want to take further.
@wilbertliu I think the classic "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories also usually only had 2 choices. Not to say this can't be "better", just saying this seems to be a modern version of a classic. :)