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Sounds like a good idea but why do I have to give my email address? Makes me think that somethings going to be done with it
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@bentossell Matt here the owner of startupvalue. Once you complete your valuation, we PDF it and send it to you immediately via email in a neat little package.
@matt_dibb understood - but couldnt it happen without actually handing over my email? (not against this in particular) but I feel that so many sites try and get an email address... a lot, un-necessarily - this seems cool but would rather just see the results on the page rather than have to give my email out
@bentossell good point and completely understand. Given this is our first launch it would be nice to invite people back to the web app next month to use our new peer comparable features and provide even better accuracy on existing valuations. Crunchbase API data for company cross referencing is on its way 😄
@bentossell @matt_dibb Agreed Ben. I think they'd actually get MORE email addresses if they did away with it as the first step. Show me the results first, then offer to send it as a PDF and I'd probably be more willing to give it a shot.
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@ryangilbert great feedback! Will certainly look to change.
Its a superb idea, but it limits people to value startup ideas as it asks for the website of the startup being valued. Idea stage startups wont have a website, but this tool will be invaluable for them to validate their pricing assumptions.
@jaymanpandya I have everything for my site but content😞!! IT'S LIKE I drew a Hugh blank!! 3months now
@bentossell, are you planning to valuate the site!!
@thunayan what site? (and not if I have to put my email address in 😉)
So basically valuations are based on how much traction the site is having.. right?
@thunayan the valuations are based on financial inputs for the most part. We have basically simplified really long and complicated valuation metrics (which are usually in huge excel spreadsheets) and simplified this by coding it into a streamlined process. We also take the rank of your website (if any) as an extra datapoint of traffic.
@matt_dibb I apologize for this next question... can I valuate other websites? (not my own)
@thunayan the app is not specifically for valuing websites. It is for valuing any startup concept or business in the same way that a VC would. In fact, it doesn't even need to be a business that generates its revenue online. If you are a startup (doing anything) and wondering what a VC or Angel will value you at - will give you a comprehensive analysis of what and why.