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Global startup insights by top local investors & founders in emerging markets. Access ecosystem data and opportunities using Startup Universal’s detailed country guides, database of local resources, and curated articles.
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Thanks for hunting us @razkarmi Hi PH community! 👋 We built Startup Universal because we observed that tech talent and tech opportunities are virtually everywhere around the world, but there’s an information gap preventing these opportunities from being properly surfaced and realized. Think of Startup Universal as the Wikipedia of global startup ecosystems, especially those that are growing, but don’t yet have a global presence. We provide an introduction to these ecosystems, including country guides developed by leading local investors and entrepreneurs, and curated news covering the latest trends and developments. By shining a light on what’s happening around the world, Startup Universal aims to facilitate increased communication across borders and more effectively realize international opportunities. Some details on how the site is structured and what makes Startup Universal unique: - We offer detailed guides for 26 countries (and counting) across Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. We strive to focus on ecosystems that have real momentum and growth potential, but that don’t get the coverage they deserve. - Each country guide is personally edited and vetted by a notable local ecosystem leader, and includes a wealth of information from key differentiators to focus industries to up-and-coming startups and more. - Apart from the country guides, we also offer curated newsfeeds covering technology & startup news in over 100 countries. These newsfeeds can be filtered by country, industry or topic to help you find what’s most relevant. - Anyone can submit additional content to ensure our content is current and relevant, including sections of the country guide as well as news posts. We also ask our local editors to review all guide content on a quarterly basis. To submit content, click the “Add Country” or “Add Post” links in the site menu and create a free account. We’d love to hear from you--if you have questions or ideas for how we can showcase your startup ecosystem, please reach out! -Jonathan (Founder)
@razkarmi @jonathan_moed This is truly well done. As a former VC and now an angel investor, I can appreciate the work that it took to complete this. Well done. Canada (where I'm from) needs to be on the map.. Just sayin.. ;-)
Thanks @rick_segal1! It was indeed a lot of work, but well worth it to play a role in showcasing the world's emerging startup ecosystems. We'd welcome any input in developing a Canada page--to contribute, go to (you'll be asked to create an account and then can select Canada from the Add Country dropdown to begin adding information).
What a great platform! There's a massive need for this kind of content, especially as the globalisation of SMEs, enterprises, and startups look to expand beyond the home market to pivot during covid19.
@emilyifang Thanks so much! Technology has made it easier than ever before to connect and collaborate across borders, so Startup Universal aims to be the central platform to help make these connections and surface real opportunities in untapped markets.
It's often so hard to find local information and insights from trusted resources for global startups when you don't live or have connections in that place - so I'm excited that Startup Universal is curating and organizing this information. As someone who loves working on startups and traveling, this is a great resource for me to find new opportunities and network with other members of the startup community that I might not normally come into contact with. I like the design of the site and found the content engaging! Keep up the good work and good luck!
@angela_jeffrey Thanks so much! I ran into the same challenge when I was traveling internationally and trying to access local startup communities along the way. I needed an entry point--where to focus, whom to speak with, when, and where. Startup Universal offers this foundation of knowledge for startup communities around the globe. Hopefully the next time you travel, it will be a useful resource. Let us know how we can help!
Great platform to find about startup scenes and startup ecosystem builders!
@mari_matsuzaki Thanks Mari! We're trying to build awareness for global startup ecosystems from the inside out using locally sourced content so that the information is accurate and unique.
Such a cool idea!! When it comes to startups and innovation there are no borders. Talented people can be anywhere in the world. Understanding the startup's ecosystem in 'unpopular' countries can drive those countries investors and VC's.
@stacey_m_breeden Thanks - we really appreciate the support! There's a massive mismatch between opportunity on the one side (ideas, talent, technology) and resources on the other side (capital, media coverage). We aim to change that and unlock the opportunities in the 'rest of the world.' Rather than only focusing on the most mature startup ecosystems, founders and investors can and should expand their horizons into markets with high growth potential (large tech savvy populations with high mobile/internet usage) and low competition. Thanks for joining us on the journey!