Startup Unicorns T-Shirt

A t-shirt with a sad unicorn on it that you can buy today!

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Interesting experiment. The closet copywriter in me thinks it should be: "Even Unicorns Die" or "Unicorns Die Too" (with a small leaning towards the former). Because right now, having both the word "even" and the word "too" is redundant. And, because I like just having 3 words (shorter is better, especially for t-shirts). Having said that, good luck!
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@dharmesh ya we debated and decided to just ship. Interesting to me how many people keep pointing that out and giving their reasoning like you did. Usually I would have done 3 words too! I guess it was a subconscious experiment. Lesson learned.
@hnshah +100 to shipping. I'd rather ship something "not quite perfect" (whatever that means), than not ship at all.
This is an experiment. I've never before created a physical product and tried to sell it. My friend @tmbexp and I were catching up over dinner when he told me about his latest business. His company partners with brands to launch merchandise for their fans. Of course, I was intrigued and wanted to help! Because of my fascination with shirts that have slogans and symbols, Matt decided for me that I should come up with a shirt idea. After a few ideas, this one about unicorns stuck. Fast forward just a few weeks and now, I'm excited to launch this t-shirt and sell it for a limited time. If you'd like to hear more about the story behind the meaning of the shirt, read my blog post about it:
I could never wear this around my daughter.
@hnshah, @mnshah - why "even unicorns die too" and not a different text? But congratulations on the launch abs I hope you learned a lot from it! :)
@grooveplex I came up with a bunch of ideas and this is the one that stuck. It was very unscientific ;)
but I thought they only die if you cut off the horn thing? would a mythologist please advise..?