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by Ryan Hoover (Founder, Product Hunt)

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I recently moved to Abu Dhabi from Washington DC to help run an accelerator program in the region. As a founder and expat new to the UAE community, I had some difficulty connecting with the right people/organizations and get adjusted to startup life in the UAE. Expats make up close to 90% of the population in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with many of them making and leaving friends, projects, and co-workers every year. My goal in creating StartupUAE is to create a community of founders who are residents, traveling-to, or leaving the region and keep them connected via Slack. We want to connect old friends, potential co-founders, project collaborators and create general discussions around MENA and global tech and startups. Even if you are not in the UAE, stay in touch with one of the fastest growing ecosystems and global travel hub with StartupUAE. Cheers!
@ramzyis great idea. Im currently exploring ideas to set up something in Dubai. This will come in handy.
@ramzyis thanks for this :-)
@jibly thanks Karim! This is for Dubai and Abu Dhabi, hence startupUAE. We are one big growing community and I'd love for you to join and contribute.
Great to see another location specific slack group - there's also for anyone involved in the London tech/startup scene - the largest geographically based group out there I'm aware of (1300+ members)
@jonbstrong Thanks Jonathan! The UAE has plenty of UK expats in the region.
Hi Ramzy, you're welcome to admin a geo channel on #startup if you'd like. That way we can benefit from an even bigger network, and the people interested in and from the UAE region can benefit of a community that extends globally. + people can hop in and hop out, ideal for founders who get around and are interested in the local scene.